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More than a year ago I sat down with Abel Ferrara and Shanyn Leigh, on the occasion of their film 4:44 Last Day on Earth opening the 2012 SF IndieFest, and we talked about a bunch of stuff. I was too much of a bum to do anything with the video I shot (it doesn’t look great, tbh) so I decided, after watching the new DSK trailer, why not just put this up on the tumblr. I’m a lousy interviewer, as evidenced here, and I even turn it into a selfish project at the end, which is kinda hilarious and stupid, but Abel is enough of a live wire that I get drowned out (I trust) and we all laugh a lot. He did give me some good advice (use Skype to rehearse!) and I shoulda put his name in the thanks on that first short. Oh well, so it goes. (Oh, and, needless to say, I have yet to make my version of Gang of Four, but it’s coming, I promise, because this is a tumblr and it’s all about me me me.)

Bonus link: Andrew W.K. interviewed Spencer Sweeney a while ago.

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"Django Unchained certainly is not a historical lesson about slavery in the United States – Tarantino has none of the natural disposition needed for a project like that –, but a very self conscious film about histories of violence, in which the focus is not the truth of the facts, but the manner that the persistence of said violence depends upon everyone taking the same roles, starting with the the filmmaker himself. Near the end of Django Unchained, Tarantino blows himself up, in what might be one of the most honest film moments of 2012."

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Best films seen for the first time in April.

1. Horendi (Jean Rouch & Gilbert Rouget, France (?), 1972)
2. Too Early, Too Late (Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub, France/Egypt, 1982)

3. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai, Hong Kong, 2011)
4. To Have and Have Not (Howard Hawks, USA, 1944)
5. Bernie (Richard Linklater, USA, 2012)
6. His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks, USA, 1940)
7. Most Dangerous Man Alive (Allan Dwan, USA, 1961)
8. Red River (Howard Hawks, USA, 1946/48)
9. O Estado do Mundo: Tarrafel (Pedro Costa, Portugal, 2007)
10. River of No Return (Otto Preminger, 1954)
11. The Newton Boys (Richard Linklater, 1998)
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A new blog dedicated to sensible exploration of all things vulgar, including rom-coms, actioners, westerns, video-game adaptations, TV sci-fi movies… We’re sifting through the trash-can of Hollywood in search of gold! We have the rubbish heap of world cinema in our auteurist sights! As a way of launching the blog, six of our writers have openly published letters to the patron-saint of vulgar auteurism, John McTiernan, in thanks, support, and admiration, and with good will and good luck in lieu of his incarceration. Enjoy!


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19 Edward L. Cahn movies and only 5 days to watch ‘em! :o

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